Redefine your leftovers

I really have never been a big fan of leftovers but the older I get I am also not a big fan of throwing away perfectly good food.

Friday night we went to a local Italian restaurant, we brought home 6 slices of pepperoni pizza.

I decided I was going to redefine this pizza into a fresh new meal.

I sliced fresh zucchini from the garden, I keep purple onions cut up(finely diced) in the fridge for salads.

Heated a nonstick skillet with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) placed the zucchini and onions and sauteed until tender. I added salt and pepper to taste as well as marinara sauce(I had in fridge) cook on medium until bubbly then add fresh grated parmesan on top(allow to melt)

While the zucchini was cooking, I placed the left over pizza slices in the toaster oven to get hot and crispy.

Once the pizza was good and hot I removed placed the slice on a paper plate, and placed a heaping spoonful of the zucchini on top of the pizza slice.

It was a brand new dish and no one even knew it was based around left overs. I would be more than comfortable serving this dish for company.

Cheesy pepperoni pizza slice straight from the oven(yes I used paper plates, if I were serving company I would use our dinner plates😁)

Look at that cheesy zucchini😋

No fancy plating technique used here again this was just for my family if I were serving company it would have been a little fancier😉

Next time you are thinking about tossing your leftovers… think again

Redefine your leftovers


Fall is here

We may not be ready to settle into fall weather, Friday night football, or back to school time… summer just began… didnt it?

Yes most everyone is in full-swing summer but over at Riby Ribbon we are excited to introduce our fall fashion line!

Next Friday at this very time I will be in Chicago at our annual RUNWAY event(I am getting excited)

The beauty of Ruby Ribbon is that our clothes can be worn and seasons transition so even if it is 100 degrees outside we have the perfect outfit for any occasion


Wildflower top

Back of wildflower top

diamond bomber jacket, such a classic look

the flipside tunic… wear it front way or turn it around for a fun look

The shirt dress makes a second grand entrance with this cute print

the Gypsy top such a delicate feminine piece to add to your wardrobe… get two pieces

Lace body suit a perfect way to layer lace

Stevie leggings with real working snaps (must have piece for fall)

Vegan leather leggings… you will want these!!!

R & R Pant– these are the pants that you will NEVER want to take off… believe me made from bamboo and cotton blend, featuring pockets. I have 2 pairs of these in black excited we have them in grey!!! You can dress them up with a pair of pumps or dress them down with sneakers. Psssttt you will want to wear as lounge/pajamas too!!!

So now that I have shared the new pieces with you, stay tuned i will be creating cute outfits with items you may already have at home!

Go here to see the line yourself and place your order before we sell out, and with a line as awesome as this one we will sell out shortly!

Fashionably yours


Lets shop Swimsuits

Okay so when this statement is made does it make you excited, anxious or do you get a little sick at your stomach? Do you dread shopping for swimwear each year, you long for the warmer weather and the beach vacation but you would rather skip the whole swimsuit process?

Believe me when I say I am here to help you!!!

From the time that I began my Ruby Ribbon business(over 4 years ago now) the number one request has always been “why dont you guys sell swimwear” “It would be awesome if you sold swimwear”

Well guess what last summer we launched our revolutionary patented swimwear and it has been more of a success than we ever imagined!

When women shop for swimsuits in a traditional box store or even online, the feelings are loneliness, embarrassment, negative feelings on personal body image, desperation (vacation quickly approaching and cannot find anything)

When women shop for swimsuits with a ruby ribbon stylist either in person or online; the feelings are acceptance, confidence, tears of joy(“I haven’t worn a swimsuit in___years!” ) positive feelings on personal body image, hope, and excitement!!!

Typically women return 30-40% of swimsuits bought in retail or online while at Ruby Ribbon the return rate is 6% (WOW, that should show you right there…you need to give us a try)

try on to buy ratio

in a retail or online setting, women try on an average of 15 suits and purchase 1(but still are not completely happy, right?)

With Ruby Ribbon women try on an average of 2 swimsuits and purchase 1

Why purchase Ruby Ribbon?

You will only find the following features in a Ruby Ribbon swimsuit

  • invisishape
  • great design
  • simple sizing
  • YOU

If you know your cami size you know your swim size, I LOVE our swim sizing– don’t know your cami size I can help you with that (in person, virtually, or over the phone, let me know it is a free sizing consultation)


A stylist friend recently did a target swim haul– she bought swimsuits from Target and compared with our ruby ribbon swim line

check them out below


Shown is the riveria in panther(this is my favorite and you can wear it multiple ways)


Riveria in black compared with a Michael Kors(not Target)


Aruba one piece


Riveria in black shown as a strapless


Fiji in tropical print(new this season, my favorite from this season)

swim8swim7swim6swim5swim4swim3swim2swim130738153_1399181610186462_1834855637108916224_n (1)30738153_1399181610186462_1834855637108916224_n30742174_1399181593519797_4578728144499900416_n

Plus we have 4 Tankini options and two swim bottom options if you prefer two pieces

find them here

Fashionably Yours,


How do you Road Trip?


Since joining Ruby Ribbon I have been on so many Road trips I lost count 🙂 I love it even more than I can take my family and friends and write the trip off as a business expense!!!

My most latest road trip adventure took myself my mom(my biggest Ruby Ribbon client and cheerleader) and her best friend to Cincinnatti Oh to an amazing place called Jungle Jims, have you heard of it or been there?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once we left Cincinnatti we drive another 2.5 hours to Columbus for the Ruby Ribbon Rendezvous!

We ate at Donatos Pizza which was a first for all three of us(another reason I love RR, I have traveled and ate at so many different restaurants, saw so many different things, met so many great people!)

We shopped around for a minute(this is not part of the tax-deductible road trip, just a fun excuse to shop at a store we do not have in WV)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Does this look like something that you would enjoy?  How does helping women look and feel amazing sound to you? Fill out the form below to find out more information about Ruby Ribbon and how you can write your next road trip off as a business expense

arrowContact me Please!!!

Fashionably Yours


April’s Hostess with the Mostess

Each month I pick a hostess with the mostess to showcase her party on this blog, How long did it take her to prepare for the party? What type of food did she prepare? Did she spend any money for the party preparation? Those questions will be answered as well as a photo slideshow of the fun time we had, and wait until you see what she got just for agreeing to share Ruby Ribbon with her friends!


Q: What made you decide to host a trunk show?

A: Well I really wanted the new ditzy cami and it was only available if you hosted a show, but I had a wishlist

Q: How long did it take to prepare for the trunk show?

A: That is a good question, it did not take long, I sat down and made a list of what food to have, and a list of friends/family I wanted to invite

Q: Did you have to do anything special to prepare for the party?

A: I scheduled the party for a Friday night, I clean the house anyway, this is something that happens every week multiple times in the week so it was no problem. I made buffalo chicken dip, and cut up strawberries, made a pitcher of sweet tea. The rest of the food was boughten(cheese and cracker tray, chips) My BFF made a batch of homemade cream puffs.

Q: How many girls did you invite?

A: I invited 15, and 13 came

Q: How long was the trunk show?

A: It began at around 6PM and ended a little after 8PM, then clean up lasted until 9PM

Q: Were you able to get everything on your wishlist?

A: Yes, I was so excited I was able to get everything on my wishlist plus even more. I was able to get the ditzy cami, the suedette bolero, the shirt dress, tankini swim top, petals, the hangout hoodie(the party was close to $1,000)

That is awesome!!!

Q: would you recommend hosting a trunk show?

A: Absolutely, it is easy, it is so much fun just to gather with your girlfriends and family for an evening of shopping, and fashion! Plus for the little work that you put in you get a lot of FREE and reduced Ruby Ribbon– It is definitely worth it, I will be hosting again soon!

Everyone having fun at the party(eating snacks, looking at the lookbook, trying on, and shopping the rack samples)

My rack samples for sale… I had a special that guests could earn free rack samples with qualifying purchases. So much fun!!!

Shapewear and RR swim on the dining room table

My ruby ribbon transformation chamber(any one watch family matters(throw back to the 90s😂))

A full size mirror and stool and lamp inside the transformation chamber

Thank you so very much for allowing me to spotlight you as a hostess for the month of April

For allowing me to do this you will receive $10.00 RR cash to use in my boutique

Have you thought about hosting? Let’s get your date reserved today!



Dreaming of the beach

So it is April and we have all probably began dreaming, thinking and probably planning for our summer vacations!

It snowed yesterday at my house but that did not stop my daydream of the beach 🙂

Ruby Ribbon has you covered with gorgeous swimwear, swimwear might I add that will make you look and feel like the most gorgeous girl on the beach or at the pool!

our famous shapewear that we all love has now transformed the entire swimwear experience! we have invisishape a patented technology you will not find anywhere else!

So you go ahead and go to Target and get that swimsuit for $10.00 just remember when it doesn’t hold up after one time use and when it doesn’t tuck everything in and make you look fabulous you could have had a Ruby Ribbon swimsuit!

Come on you know you want one go ahead and treat yourself you deserve it!!!

We have options that will take you from pool to patio all of our tankini tops are appropriate to wear as tops away from the pool or beach, yes you heard that right, I wear my tankini top all the time with denim capri or maxi skirts!!!

We fit everyone from xs-xxl and honestly sell as many xs as xxl– when women try our swimsuits on they say “wow I have not worn a swimsuit for ____ years”, or “man I look good!!!”

Try one on for yourself if you are not completely satisfied we accept returns for 30 days(do not remove the protective lining from the swim bottom and keep the poly bag the swimsuit comes in for a hassle free return (you will not be returning this swimsuit)

I challenge you to order a swimsuit

If we know your cami size we know your swimsuit size,

how to size a cami- bra band size

how to size a swimsuit add 4 to the bra band size

34(bra band size)+4= 8
36+4= 10

Ready to see the gorgeous line?

okay here we go


you will want to go here to shop for swimsuit

Fashionably Yours


PS: ask me how you can get a FREE swimsuit (just in the month of April


I won….I really won!!!

So the most amazing thing happened last night during our summer/swim launch call🤗
Ruby Ribbon gave away each new piece of the line to a stylist on the call, and then gave an entire kit away to a stylist on the call (worth over $500.00)ğŸŽ‰

Watch the video 

It was like a dream when I heard Kathleen announce my nameğŸŽ‰ğŸŽ‰ğŸŽ‰ I began shaking and there may have been happy tears too😉

Then I heard Anna also say my name and asking me to verify I was on the call…

I heard them say are you here Danielle? I was frantically typing I am here….I am here!!! Watch the video for the suspenseful ending (my wifi is super slow at my house and there must have been a slight delay between asking me if I was on the call and me responding) 

I am beyond thankful for Ruby Ribbon and the journey I have been on the past 4.5 years❤

I want to share the summer and swim line with you!!!! Schedule your preview today, let’s get together and redefine your closet for summer #beyondthebeach

I know I say it everything we launch a new season but it is true everytime… this is the BEST LAUNCH TO DATEğŸŽ‰

keep checking back for previews of summer and swim

Schedule your personal preview today (live in person or virtual)

Fashionably yours


Homemade Gyros

The Greekfest in town is my favorite festival of all times!!! We even have a new Greek restaurant in town Navarino Bay (can’t wait to try and review here on the blog)

Anyway so I was looking for a way to make a good gyro at home and found a recipe and I tweaked it so find it below, try it and let me know how it turned out!!!


Ingredient list

  • steak-umms steak cooking for 2 I cooked 2 and a half servings, you can adjust according to if you want more or less meat in your gyro
  • feta cheese(I used a block that I crumbled myself)
  • romaine lettuce(or any greens that you prefer)
  • green peppers
  • red onion
  • cucumbers
  • Tzakiki sauce(see recipe below)
  • any other toppings you would like
  • pita(you can use your favorite pita, I used naans)


  1. prep veggies for gyros
    1. slice peppers and onions the way you prefer(dice or slice)
    2. cut up romaine lettuce
    3. dice cucumber
  2. warm medium-sized skillet
  3. place peppers and onions in warm skillet and saute until cooked to your preference(I cooked until tender and a little brown on the edges)
  4. remove peppers and onions from skillet
  5. add steak-umms to the skillet and cook through (until brown–no pink left) crumble it as it cooks
  6. once the steak is cooked through add the peppers and onions back to skillet and heat through
  7. warm pitas in oven
  8. take the warm pita and spread tzatziki sauce on, add the meat, onion, pepper mixture
  9. top gyro with lettuce, cucumber, feta cheese and any other toppings you wish
  10. wrap gyro in foil and enjoy

Tzatziki sauce


  • 1 cup of plain greek yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon dill weed (more if you like the taste)
  • 1 garlic glove
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. mix all ingredients in an airtight-PAXP-deijE (2) container and place in refrigerator for a few hours or until your gyros are ready
  2. keep the leftover tzatziki sauce in the refrigerator


Change it up and make with chicken, pork, fish, or the traditional lamb! Make this recipe comment below and tell me how it turned out!

Have a Blessed Day!

Opening the box–JoAnn Fabrics

A couple of weeks ago JoAnn’s had an amazing sale a couple of weeks ago on the prima traveler journal, which I had to have when I first saw it online(cue the heart eyes!!!)

I loved the look of it, not to mention the included zippered pouch(wow how helpful that would be)

While I was shopping I found a lot of Prima dolls that I didn’t have yet so I put them in my cart too(lots of gorgeous projects coming soon!)

Lets open the box


21432958_1646890462055999_1421590266401330153_n29543261_1646890538722658_2115508208125383900_n29683172_1646890648722647_3076479109678525574_nokay I am so excited right now!

Here is a closer look inside the box(yippee)

The Prima Traveler Journal- I have never seen a more gorgeous yet functional traveler journal I LOVE it!!!Already 🙂


Here are the prima dolls and princess’

I cannot wait to open them and get to stamping some gorgeous projects… I have so many ideas!!!

Happy Crafting!